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A new month brings a new album drop from UK favourite, Wretch 32

A new month brings a new album drop from UK favourite, Wretch 32

September 28, 2017 | D&L

Wretch 32 is back… well let’s admit it, it’s not like he ever left with tracks from, Growing Over Life, to keep us vibesing for the past year. Not to mention his back catalogue of tunes, which came before hand.

Returning with tunes such as ‘Tell Me’, and ‘Whistle’, Wretch followers everywhere rejoiced and got their ears around the latest thought provoking lyrics and messages coming straight from one of the UK’s most celebrated MC’s.

F R 32 is the upcoming project and will be released on October 13th, making this his fourth studio album drop. Expect 12 new tracks, with stand outs already penned to be ‘Power’, and ‘His and Hers (Perspectives)’.

Admittedly, Wretch deems this release his most honest to date, as he touches on topics of family issues, relationship struggles, future goals, and inner peace. Paired with his deep narratives and infectious melodies, also expect inspiration in the form of freedom and honesty.

“I want people to feel free and learn from the music,” Wretch said when discussing his latest album. “I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to a lot of people who have dropped a lot of gems on me over the years and I’m now in a position to be able to pass these on so I try to as much as I can through my music.”

F R 32 will arrive close to a year after, Growing Over Life’s, release, making it the first time Wretch has released two albums in two years.

“I felt like this time of year had a good energy towards me so that’s what made me want to come back now.”

With features from Loick Essien, Kojo Funds, Avelino, Yxng Bane, Kojey Radical, and Donaeo to name a few, we look forward to having F R 32 on a loop, whilst freeing ourselves and mind, as we listen to an anticipated favourite release of 2017.

Pre-order F R 32 today.

Image Source: Chuff Media