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A New Year… Welcoming 2016

A New Year… Welcoming 2016

December 31, 2015 | D&L

New Year, New Start, Not this time around,

With high expectations, The pressure brings you down.

New Year, New Me, It’s not all it’s made to be,

You can’t control everything, What will be, will be.

New Year New Start, Let’s focus on a different view,

You’re going to make mistakes, It will create a better you.

New Year, New Day, You cannot plan everything,

Try living in the moment, And feel the joy this will bring.

New Year, New Start, With mistakes come unhappy times,

But don’t repeat history, And you’ll be doing just fine.

New Year, New Day, Have you learnt from that wrong step?

If the answer is yes, Then you should live with no regrets.

New Start, New Day, Every day is filled with growth,

Not just in size, But with responsibility and hope.

New Day, New Start, lead with a positive outlook,

You’re not ignoring your past mistakes, You’re simply building your life book.

New Start, New Day, Continue to grow,

Growth is a work-in-progress and change will automatically follow.

So celebrate the New Year, but don’t let this thing called ‘perfection’ hold you back,

Take risks and an infectious soul you will not lack,

This path you have created is yours to keep,

It’s something guaranteed to be proud of when it’s your time to fall asleep.

Happy New Year.

Photo Credit: Happy New Year Images Pictures