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A Night At The Sweat Hotel, Plus Special Guests

A Night At The Sweat Hotel, Plus Special Guests

September 30, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

As we start another week and look back on the adventures the weekend brought, our thoughts take us back to Friday night, which thanks to the TCO Group was a great night for rnb music and the music worshippers who showed out for the night.

Horace Brown, Tevin Campbell and Keith Sweat were on the bill for the night and what a night it was to witness old skool rnb at its best and a big finish for The Sweat Hotel.

But just before the night got started, the crowd took a moment to listen to Orin Lewis, whilst he spoke about his son Daniel De-Gale. Unfortunately he lost his life due to organ failure after overcoming leukaemia.

October 8th will mark the anniversary of his death and as he will have been 26 and a definite ticket holder at the event due to his love for the music, Orin spoke of how important it is to sign up and give blood, particularly aiming his words at the African-Carribean community. The work continued by the Afro Carribean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) has seen the number of donors rise from 600 to 50,000 in the past few years.

Leaving us with a message of giving blood and not shedding it, look out for a future feature on the topic in next month’s UK Black History Month.

First on the stage was Horace Brown, who was happy to be welcomed back on the London stage, particularly as the first time he toured through London was with Mr Sweat himself. From Harlem New York to the Indigo2 stage, he warmed up the crowd taking it ‘international’ with the debut of new singles, as well as taking it back with ‘Shake It Up’, ‘One For The Money’ and ‘Things We Do For Love’. We were even getting a Charlie Wilson vibe from the US star with his new material, as he encouraged the crowd to put their ‘L’ signs up for love as they continued to shake it up for Horace.

Next up was the effortless tones and incredible notes hit by Mr Tevin Campbell. Still as youthful as ever, he immediately had the crowd hooked on his every word as he took us back with ‘I’m Ready’ and ‘Alone With You’. With a promise to have some new material in time for his next London stage appearance came the news that Tevin will soon be back in the studio and with a certain Mr Teddy Riley at that! We look forward to hearing the result of this magic union.

Taking things acapella for a moment Tevin later reminisced with ‘Tell Me What You Want Me To Do’, Al B Sure produced tracks and a cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Knocks Me Off My Feet’. Of course everyone was waiting for ‘Can We Talk?’, which before he gave the crowd what they wanted, he teased them about forgetting the words and being bored of the track… he was kidding of course, as once he sang the first words, you could see he was totally in his zone , interacting with the crowd as they helped him sing the song (although he cheekily insisted we don’t mess it up), he then left us with the words ‘God bless and good night’.

Straight from 125th New York City, it was finally time for the CEO of the Sweat Hotel to grace the stage and although fighting flu symptoms and joined on stage with his trusty honey, lemon and ginger, Keith had the crowd waving their arms back and forth, swaying with his slow jams and two stepping to the sounds of New Jack Swing.

‘Right And A Wrong Way’ and ‘Get Up On It’ were crowd open pleasers and with the party happening on and off the stage with ladies and a very memorable gent joining Mr Sweat on stage, the two steppers were definitely out in force with ‘Don’t Stop Your Love’ and ‘Just Got Paid’ ringing through the arena.

Taking it down with ‘Make It Last’, Keith continued to impress following a five night tour including stops in Germany and Amsterdam and with the Sweat set adding to the party vibes for the night, a special surprise was thrown in with a performance of a Silk classic ‘Freak You’ by his Sweat team; did you know Silk was a group he put together?

They do say ‘all good things come to an end’ and what an end it was, as ‘Twisted’ and ‘I Want Her’ were left until last with a blend into Cameo’s ‘Candy’, as the sea of people joined in with the infamous electric slide taking us all out for the night. All in all, this was a Friday night to top all.

Did you attend? We want to hear your experience for the night.

Image Source: L’ART Magazine