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Agi & Sam Launch A Collection Exclusively For Topman

June 6, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Guys, if you’re really into your fashion, then you will love this next collaboration that is about to hit stores. Agi & Sam are about to launch a collection for Topman and if there was one word to describe the style of this brand, it would be ‘eccentric’!

Agi & Sam are young designers and very talented when it comes to expressing their personalities and characteristics. There are 20 pieces which make up the sportswear focused collection for Topman, but don’t expect to see a typically masculine range, as this talented pair are great at mixing styles.

Look out for a more tailored sportswear design with a mix of sportswear & smartwear and ‘strong, blocked colours and the designers’ signature digital prints’. They have already been referred to as a great attribute to ‘London’s buoyant menswear scene’ and now you can be a part of that.

One thing you will see is a lot of prints and the boys’ use of print has evolved over time. One particular theme that will be featured in some of the 20 pieces are prints of feathers, owls and birds surrounded by hand-painted water-colours. At the other end of the scale you’ll get a more country feel, as ‘English eccentricity’ was the original vision.

Those two styles are different within themselves so imagine what the entire collection looks like! Are you excited? You should be. Buy your favourite pieces from the range today.

Image Source: Telegraph