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Aigle Are Urging You To Re-Work The Clog

Aigle Are Urging You To Re-Work The Clog

April 4, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

For some it never left, but French footwear and textile company have officially announced the comback of the clog.

Bringing the clog back for the Spring season, the company have a challenge for you and that is to re-work the past trend back into your Spring wardrobe. Any takers?

The chic clogs made in France were first developed in the european country back in 1984 and made with natural wood and tanned leather, the comfortable and versatile shoe was a winner for many females even young children.

Now available in three different versions, Teanu, Ternate and Tadia, Aigle have got the designs covered for you this season. Will you stand up to the challenge?


-offers the authentic and natural look


-brings you a stylish sandal alternative


-for those who prefer a summer mule

Photo Credit: Aigle