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Amy Winehouse Features On Nas’ Life Is Good

July 5, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

As well as Frank Ocean’s album release on July 17th, Nas is another music artist who is preparing to unveil his latest album to the world with a special added guest too…

Titled Life Is Good, the rapper features a track featuring the late Amy Winehouse on a pre-recorded track from their studio time spent together before her untimely death.

‘Cherry Wine’ once again displays the pair’s great working relationship together (‘Like Smoke’ was on Winehouse’s Lioness: Hidden Treasues album release), as Amy’s soulful vocals and Nas’ direct delivery is delivered to produce yet another great track.

And as Amy’s anniversary nears later this month, her fans are continued to be given new material to remember her by, doing what she did best as she shone in this music world with her stunning voice.

Here is ‘Cherry Wine’.

Image Source: Small Figures