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Bandages: Kyra Releases Stunning Debut EP

December 9, 2014 | D&L

Singer-songwriter, Kyra, has now officially released her debut four track EP, Bandages, and it’s full of emotions as she shares a number of stories that are very close to her heart.

The signature ‘Bandages’ track itself offers ‘a beautiful tale of comfort and hope in times of despair’ and it was co-written by Maiday and Fred Cox who have written for Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis, Etta Bond and MNEK between them.

‘Bandages’ is the second track taken from Kyra’s EP and the EP itself was inspired by the death of her 26-year-old brother, to cancer. ‘Out of this time of sadness, Kyra vented in the way she knew best, through songwriting’.

“Bandages was written for my brother at a time when I believed he would live,” said Kyra. “It brought him and everyone that it heard it hope. Although we sadly lost him, the song still brings me comfort, and I hope it can bring other people a sense of hope.”

Touching on personal experiences, it’s guaranteed that Kyra will bring you that sense of hope and a lot more. Have a listen to Kyra’s complete EP today and let us know what you think.


1. Bandages

2. Now You’re Gone

3. Give A Little Love

4. Own Worst Enemy

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Photo Credit: Brick London