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Bill Kenwright Presents Starlight Express On Stage

January 9, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Produced by Bill Kenwright with some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘most memorable musical hits’, catch the last few showings of Starlight Express for its 2012/ 2013 run.

It’s one of the longest running musicals in theatrical history and we even remember going to watch this when we were small children! It’s full of addictive songs, amazing singing and brilliant skating skills.

“Light years ahead of the rest, this futuristic tale about love and hope in the face of adversity promises to take you on the ride of a lifetime – with two hours of speed, spectacle, energy and turbo charged excitement, dazzling sets and costumes, extraordinary roller-choreography.”

“Buckle up; the race is truly back on!”

Check here for the last lot of available tickets. You won’t leave disappointed.

Image Source: The Lowry