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Burberry: The Jourdan Dunn & Naomi Campbell Empire

Burberry: The Jourdan Dunn & Naomi Campbell Empire

April 17, 2015 | D&L

Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn join forces for a second time to front another Burberry campaign, and this time it’s for the fashion brand’s new eyewear collection. The Gabardine collection – a fabric invented by Thomas Burberry – will be the main focus of this new collection, bringing back the original material seen on their iconic trench coats.

The collection of reading glasses and sunglasses will soon be available to buy and as the British fashion house is highly known for its prestigious designs, we expect nothing less than stunning designs for this upcoming range.

When these two models (supermodel in Naomi’s case) first came together as the faces of Burberry, fashionistas went crazy for the two famous Black models. Why? Because they each represent a portion of the ladies today who strive to make a successful career and be a role model for others at the same time.

Jourdan even looks to Naomi as her own role model and although they first met when Jourdan was half naked at Kate Moss’ Topshop launch, all has ran smoothly ever since, as the pair work well together and remain close friends.

When speaking of their first encounter, Jourdan said: “I didn’t really have time to be nervous about meeting her. I was half naked backstage when she just came running up to me in front of everyone and gave me a massive hug and said ‘Hi Darling, it’s so great to meet you, we must have lunch’.

“So I wasn’t nervous because I didn’t have time to register being scared really, I was just thinking: ‘I’m half naked and Naomi Campbell is hugging me in front of everyone, and now we’re going to have lunch. OK…’”

So what’s next for the Jourdan and Naomi empire? Something tells us that this won’t be the end of their ‘partnership’, as Jourdan was also hand-picked by Naomi to walk in her charity Fashion Relief show.

If it’s not another campaign with Burberry, we predict more friendly advice, especially when it comes to each other’s upcoming clothing lines. Perhaps a joint clothing line away from Burberry is on the cards?

Only time will tell.

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Power Couple: Naomi Campbell & Jourdan Dunn Unite

Photo Credit: Mail Online