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Calling All House Fans: Si’Ke Djs

March 7, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Manchester based DJ, Simon Jones has been on a high this week and it’s all down to his latest music accomplishment.

Playing under the name of Si’Ke DJs, Si is no stranger to the House DJ circuit and has played at many venues and events in his local city (he is quite the regular at Avici White). And as well as having produced the EP Dusty Needle, the talented sound man has made it onto the charts.

With the release of his first song, ‘Safe House’ has debuted at number 32 on the Juno Records House Charts and currently stands at number 79 out of over 45,000 tracks!

Released via Say Ahh music label, you can purchase the song and its mixes here as well as listening in on ‘Safe House’ and other mixes present to date on his Soundcloud account.

Fans of House music are guaranteed to love it.

Image Source: Si Jones