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Chris Brown Reveals Video Number 1 Of 10: Fine China

April 2, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

With ten new videos to release as part of his up and coming album X, Chris Brown has revealed the first video named ‘Fine China’.

This track will be the lead single from X and as the first insight from his new album, Chris has worked with co-director Sylvain White in this tale of a forbidden love story between Chris and his leading lady.

Chris has taken on a new sound lately, which brings a more jazzy sound to his smooth R&B notes and with this slight change in direction comes a new style. “In this video you’ll see me taking care of the girl, doing gentlemanly things showing another side of me,” said Chris. “I know my female audience sees it. But the naysayers might say ‘No that’s not him’.”

But although other people may not be feeling the cinematic piece that is ‘Fine China’, everyone has a romantic side to share. Chris also worked behind the camera with Sylvain as co-director as well as performing in front of it. Chris said: “I wanted to go with a film director to set the mood and bring that artistic side to it. I’m not one who always loves to stand in front of the camera with flashy cars and big booty girls all the time.”

So do you like the new angle Chris has taken with this one? He has ten videos to release before his album release in the late summer so you have a lot more to look forward to. Take a look.

Image Source: The Honesty Hour

Video Source: Rap Up
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    love it! Breezy killed it!