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Naomi Campbell: Collaborating With Diesel To Fashion For Relief In Cannes

Naomi Campbell: Collaborating With Diesel To Fashion For Relief In Cannes

April 22, 2017 | D&L

Naomi Campbell is known for her charitable fashion events and her latest achievements see her joining forces with Diesel.

The supermodel helped launch Diesel’s Child at Heart collection, a collaboration with Naomi’s long -standing Fashion For Relief charity.

The launch saw Naomi schmoozing at the cocktail party with fellow model, Maria Borges and they both rocked the black campaign t-shirt with the striking multi-coloured heart icon on the front.

The t-shirts and hooded jumpers was designed by school children who attended the Diesel HQ kindergarten in Italy who were adoringly obsessed with love hearts and ladybirds. They were “very excited to participate in a project which, on top of contributing to a good cause, was a fun moment for the kids to be creative and think about symbols of love”.

In the past, Naomi has presented her own Fashion For Relief catwalk show, where models and celebrity friends join her on the runway wearing items donated by some of the world’s well-known and highly respected fashion houses.

This year will be no different as the event is heading to Cannes! On Sunday May 21st during the Cannes Film Festival, the show and live auction will feature the donated items from artists, designers, celebrities and brands, and this year, all proceeds will go to Save The Children.

When speaking of her recent charity work Naomi said: “It’s a privilege to be able to work with Save The Children to raise the funds for children who most desperately need access to life-saving help.”

To provide life-saving food, shelter and medical treatment to children around the world is the number one aim of this campaign and those who have been affected by the latest conflict in Syria will also be helped.

Naomi continued to say: “A disaster can strike at any time anywhere in the world, and often when it does, children are the worst affected. Some of these events make the news but others they don’t,” which is why Naomi continues to put these places on the map and raise more awareness.

Continue to do great things Naomi!

Image Source: Mail Online