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Day Three: Azealia Banks’ Style Picks From ASOS

November 14, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

So it’s our third day highlighting our fashion picks from Azealia Banks’ daily edits with ASOS and in keeping with the cold season of Winter, today we join Azealia with her love for faux fur with a jacket with a difference. If you want to get away from your animal prints but still be bold with your outerwear garments, this is the perfect choice.

And who said eye wear was just for the summer? When adding accessories, don’t forget your eyes can be dressed too.

Keep things cheerful and team this jacket with some smily gloves, along with the on-trend round glasses and you’re a step closer to having a bit of Azealia’s fashionable edge in your winter wardrobe wear.

Chelsea Girl Mixed Faux Fur Jacket- £70.00 Moschino Smiley Leather Gloves- £125.00 Metal Top Keyhole Round Sunglasses- 12.00

Image Source: ASOS