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Deborah Cox Stars In New Broadway Musical!

Deborah Cox Stars In New Broadway Musical!

March 9, 2015 | D&L

Deborah Cox has earned herself a huge new role and that is filling the shoes of the very talented, Ms Josephine Baker!

Josephine Baker was one of the most incredible performers and entertainers of her time, singing and dancing in genres including Cabaret, French Pop and even Jazz.

Now as Deborah continues to shine with her music alone (including her new release ‘Kinda Miss You’), she will be the lead role in the theatre adaptation of Josephine’s life.

Titled ‘Josephine’ and inspired by the book, Remembering Josephine, written by Stephen Papich, the musical will focus on the entertainer’s life from 1939 to 1945, where she became one of the most successful American entertainers working in France.

Shirley Bassey referred to Josephine as a ‘spectacular singer and performer’. She had never seen anyone perform with so much flare before and she also stated that she probably never will see that again in another performer. Not because there are no other talented entertainers in the world, but because Josephine had her own unique style when it came to her hitting that stage!

Kenneth Waissman, director and producer of the show said: “For a number of years, I had been intrigued with the idea of recreating the glamorous and exotic world of Josephine Baker in a stage musical.

“She was a larger than life African-American expatriate who transcended her colour, her gender and her times. Her exotic looks, fabulous gowns and feathered headdresses, her obsession with her royal lover and her life-risking exploits in the French underground during WWII, provide the sex, romance and intrigue of this original new musical.”

The musical is set to hit Broadway stages in April 2015.

Photo Credit: Indie Wire