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Diane von Furstenberg Has A Secret To Reveal

Diane von Furstenberg Has A Secret To Reveal

May 16, 2016 | D&L

It’s official! Diane von Furstenberg has announced that London designer, Jonathan Saunders, has joined her company as their first ever Chief Creative Officer. Now if you’re not aware of Jonathan Saunders, he is a Scottish fashion designer who is very well known for his prints and use of incredible techniques when it comes to silk and other materials. So you can see why he will be a huge asset to the DVF team.

Whenever we see a classic shift dress, we immediately think of the DVF brand because this is Diane’s creation and what she has developed over the years and now with Jonathan on board, can you imagine the next season of print and style that they will create together?

“The spirit with which this brand was founded is incredibly relevant today. I am thrilled to be part of its next chapter,” said Saunders during the press release of this latest news. “Diane has a unique ability to deeply connect with women, and I am excited to be working with Paolo [CEO of DVF] on the future of the brand.”

When speaking on the latest collaboration, von Furstenberg also couldn’t hide her excitement. She said: “Jonathan’s extraordinary passion for colours and prints, his effortless designs, and his desire to make women feel beautiful make him the perfect creative force to lead DVF into the future.

“I could not have found a cooler, more intelligent designer and I cannot wait to watch him shine as our chief creative officer.”

So what exactly will Saunders’ new role entail? Well, pretty much anything and everything that will require his creative direction when representing the brand throughout each season. He also has the freedom to put forward any ideas he thinks will benefit the brand, therefore resulting in more exposure to many images of the DVF woman.

Now we all know DVF creations are never shy when it comes to print, colour and making a statement, so Saunders’ background in extensive prints will certainly not be a problem here, and although he closed his own label earlier this year, there is no doubt what he is capable of bringing to this role.

CEO, Paolo Riva, also agreed and said: “Jonathan is an incredibly talented designer who is able to express his creative vision with great clarity. He will evolve the identity of DVF and passionately embrace our mission of putting women at the centre of everything we do. I look forward to this partnership with him.”

As do we!

Photo Credit: Windy City Bloggers, Observer