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Diggy Simmons & Trevor Jackson Collaborate On New Track

Diggy Simmons & Trevor Jackson Collaborate On New Track

May 7, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Diggy Simmons has got a new track out and it certainly shows off his maturity as an artist since his previous music releases. ‘My Girl’ is a collaboration with artist Trevor Jackson and both him and Diggy are still in their teenage years, which is why fans are already labelling the duo, teenage heartthrobs.

Here’s what Diggy had to say about his latest collaboration: “This record, I’m so excited about it; the way it sounds, where I’m going in my career right now, it’s with the young talented Trevor Jackson, it’s just a record that I’m proud of. I feel like it’s very strong. I can’t wait for everybody to see the video.”

The video for the song will soon be on its way, as will Diggy’s up and coming album, which leaves us wondering which other collaborations – alongside Trevor Jackson – will feature on his new project.

Trevor is just as excited for the pair’s latest work. He said: “It’s a great song, I’m blessed to be a part of it, it turned out amazing. We’re so close in age and positions in our life, and music is our life, so to be able to do it together is awesome.”

With that said, Diggy had the same praise for his single’s partner. “He has great energy, he’s talented, and when you have somebody like that, who just has that factor, it just comes together and it’s beautiful, so it’s been amazing working with him.”


Take a look at the video NOW!

Photo Credit: Singers Room