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DJ Platinum Brings Back The Classic 90s Anthems

May 9, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Here’s something to brighten up this wet and blustery UK day.

Oxford based DJ Platinum has provided a present for you, the public, (Slick & Sexy ravers in particular) in the form of a 90s mix of R&B anthems.

If it’s anything like the team’s Summer Splash edition from 2011, this is set to be a good one and you can take it from us, it doesn’t disappoint.

From Biggie, to R.Kelly, Soul for Real, Craig Mack, A Tribe Called Quest, Total; if you love the 90s anthems, this free music edition is perfect for you. Where else can you get the best of the decade all in one place?

Get your download here and if you’re still in the dark about Platinum’s work to date and the team behind him, you can be in the know just by reading L’ART issues 2 and 5.


Image Source: DJ Platinum