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Doing It For The Ladies: Tamar Braxton & Aubrey O’Day’s Anticipated Albums

Doing It For The Ladies: Tamar Braxton & Aubrey O’Day’s Anticipated Albums

August 7, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

The fans of singers Tamar Braxton and Aubrey O’Day have been ready to hear the full albums of each of these stars for a very long time and now it looks like the moment is almost here, because you can now pre-order both their albums on iTunes.

Tamar had already released the cover art for her album Love And War – where she is giving a very sultry look through the frames of the letters that spell out her name – and now the track listing has got her followers even more hyped for the finishing product.

So what can you expect from the latest work of this Braxton sister? “It’s the music that I’ve always wanted to do,” said Tamar. “It’s a true definition of who I am as a person. It’s upbeat, it’s fun, it’s opinionated, it’s raw and it’s great.”

Included in the 14 tracks will be the sweet sounding ‘Love And War’, ‘The One’ and ‘Hot Sugar’ and pre-order is available until it officially hits stores on September 3rd.

Between Two Evils is also available for pre-order and it’s release date is August 13th. Aubrey has been doing press for this album over the past few weeks and she has already received great reviews from her fanbase and critics for what has already been labelled as the ‘heartbreak’ album.

She quickly moved up to the top 5 position on iTunes and although you will hear some emotional ballads on the album, you will also get a taste of a lot more styles including a pop influence and electro dance.

The track listing includes the popular ‘Before I Drown’ and ‘Unchoose You’ and the cover art shows Aubrey ‘battling’ herself as you see two images of her facing each other and held back in rope.

2 albums, 2 artists, 2 release dates. We’re definitely looking forward to the work from both of these ladies.

Image Source: Rap Up, iTunes