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Dungarees Are Back On Trend! Who Would Have Thought It

June 18, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

If you cast your minds back to the days of blue denim dungarees that would just hang around your waist-line with no particular fitting, did you ever think that you would be seeing them again? More to the point, did you ever think you would be seeing them in adult sized later on in life?

Well that’s exactly what has happened as your favourite retail stores are going crazy for dungarees! But don’t worry, they’re not a horrible throwback of the unflattering pair you may have had as a child, as they have come back in a more fashionable light.

You can get the original blue denim style with the classic gold hooks; why not add your own vintage feel to it and accessorise with some subtle gold accessories. There are a lot of fine gold necklaces and bracelets around today that would complete the old school look.

But since fashion has evolved from the original dungarees, there are many styles at hand today. The monochrome stripes are a popular choice as well as polka dots, floral patterns, bold colours and even a choice between a skirt length, shorts or cropped trousers.

So will you be rocking the dungaree trend this season? Here are three styles that we’ll be wearing from now on.

Image Source: Boohoo, New Look, River Island