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Estelle Presents True Romance

February 10, 2015 | D&L

As the buzz of Grammy Weekend continues to be on everyone’s lips today, former Grammy winner Estelle looks ahead to her album release.

The singer and songwriter’s fourth solo studio album, True Romance, is due for release on February 17th and in keeping with the theme this ‘month of love’, the album is set to portray a varied mix of emotions.

From love to empowerment, strength and the lows, the album is thought to be ‘anchored by four themes; passion, courage, true romance and the bullsh*t’. Following her EP drop, Love & Happiness, followers of Estelle can expect a sequel to the taster of the LP that is to come.

‘Conqueror’ and ‘Fight For It’ have already proven to be strong anthem releases for the singer, instilling feelings of courage and power within women and the remainder of the project is set to be of the same high standard. With True Romance being the first album release for Estelle since 2012’s All Of Me, we look forward to hearing her growth, as she continues to succeed nationally, following her move to the US from the UK.

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Photo Credit: Josep Vinaixa