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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Carmit Bachar Interview Part Two

April 24, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Yesterday you were filled in on Carmit Bachar’s ‘Hooded’ fashion line, her favourite moments of The Pulse Tour London weekend, her inspiration when it comes to choreography and what she’s been up to since arriving in London on April 11th, but there’s still more.

Read on to discover part two of our chat with the faculty choreographer.

“I really want to come back,” Carmit continued, as she updates us on the status of her career. Following the birth of her daughter a couple years ago, the professional dancer and music artist has been on hiatus, to focus on being a full time mum. “I needed that. Now she’s getting a little older, I can focus on my career and music and dancing was a huge part of that. Even this weekend, giving back into dancing felt so good and definitely sore,” she laughed.

“I felt the energy and it’s great to see the talent and what Lodnon brought. There were so many people from different countries, that was amazing. For the first debut in London, it was a success. We were all thrilled.”

With a huge want to get back in the studio, Carmit revealed an opportunity she was given to work with a good friend of hers, who she describes as a ‘one woman shop’. With talents in producing, singing and writing, to work with someone so talented is exciting for her.

“She rocks out. I’m really excited to get my foot back in the game. It’s been a while.”

But lets go back to The Pulse. Although the present tour dates have come to an end, 2013 still leaves the summer sessions and teacher workshops in New York and Las Vegas. If you’re attending these final dates then you are in for a very busy three to four days, as dancers young and older enjoy the summer camp like feel of all on offer.

On a much bigger scale than the weekenders, the summer caters for intermediate, advanced and advanced pro performers, with levels according to age and the most advanced of all levels being in a bigger room.

Imagine over 50 teachers, plenty of teaching styles from tap, to musical theatre, to jazz, all available for great learning opportunities. And if that wasn’t enough, Saturday nights are one big party with a showcase for dancers to perform their pieces and a gala on Sunday night, with a chance to perform an intensive routine with a faculty member.

“That’s fun to do, non-stop for four days straight,” Carmit said. “It’s also where we audition the protege’s who last all year round in different cities and the elite protege’s who stand on stage [teaching and demonstrating alongside faculty members] and have that honour. There’s a lot going on but it’s incredible. 1100-1500 kids in a weekend… it’s pretty massive, very fun to come.”

So that’s her ‘Hooded’ accessory line, studio time making music, Summer faculty dates and being a mum to a toddler, Carmit is one busy lady, but with a goal to get back into the swing of things with her career, is her London experience enough to see her join former Pussycat Doll’s Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts here in the UK?

“That’s even why I’m here. I’d love to generate something,” she revealed, as she explains her love for the city of London. “Coming from a performance background, trained in different things, it makes sense for us to be on the panel of something that gives constructive critique.

“Maybe I could do Britain’s Got Talent! (Laughs)…or a role on the West End… I’m open.” Simon Cowell, you heard it here first.

With experience in hosting with her role at The Pulse, Carmit turned her attention to the new skill whilst she was pregnant and wasn’t teaching. Seeing as she has a love for the fun it brings and interacting with people, it made perfect sense to her.

“Anything that can bring me back… I love London.”

Return tomorrow for an exclusive L’ART interview with fellow faculty member, Laurieann Gibson!

Image Source: The Pulse Tour