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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Laurieann Gibson Interview Part Two

April 26, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

With such great wisdom and a good head on her shoulders, it was intriguing to know who Laurieann looked up to as her biggest inspiration in life. “Aside from my mother… .my mother!,” said Laurieann.

“It was my mum who really instilled the idea that it didn’t matter what I look like or how good someone else was, that if I just did the best that I can possibly do, then it was going to be enough. And then I’m a strong believer and my faith in God is what has really strengthened me and played a big role in what I do.”

Throughout her career Laurieann has visited London on a number of occasions and she never fails to express how much love she has for the city; and the fish and chips and mushy peas! Whilst she also stated that talking to us was another of her favourite things about The Pulse weekend tour, we couldn’t give up the chance of talking about Ms Nicki Minaj.

Laurieann has recently been working with Nicki on her last tour. “It’s been like having a sister. She’s very, very special and gifted and there is another side to her persona. She’s a really talented MC and a talented performer and someone that has come out of very humble beginnings.

“She’s also a really great listener and in rehearsal she gets mad at me because I push her hard and she’ll be like ‘OK Lau’ and then when she looks amazing, I’m like ‘I told you you could do it!’

But she’s probably one of my favourites because her heart is so big.”

So Nicki Minaj is currently one of Laurieann’s favourites to work with, but there is plenty of time for that list to get even bigger as Ms Boomkack will be working with a lot more people in the near future.”Yes I have many new artists coming and some movies and my own TV shows coming back. Nicki is gearing up to coming back out and just a lot of the same, I do Alicia and Puffy and Cassie, so lots of new stuff.”If you were a fan of Laurieann’s shows such as The Dance Scene and watching her choreograph for the Making The Band series, expect to see a different idea with her future projects. “It’s always good when you first do a show and then when they tell you you have to put two white girls in your show because you’re a black girl, you’re like ‘OK’.”But then now this time around I’ll be able to expose all parts of what I do. From the choreography to the directing to artist development and working on my own album; so it’ll be more about my brand and the dancers that are a part of my team. Just really exposing people to how much I really do and how difficult it can be and really use it as a source of inspiration.”We really enjoyed what could only be seen as a life lesson from Laurieann, so we thank her for that, but we couldn’t leave without getting a little personal. So for all you wanting to know a bit more about the choreographer and creative director, here’s one little fact that she revealed. “I’m single and it’s very hard finding a boyfriend!”It couldn’t get more real than that!

Image Source: The Pulse On Tour