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Family Drama: Snoop Dogg Turns Executive Producer

Family Drama: Snoop Dogg Turns Executive Producer

March 24, 2015 | D&L

Snoop Dogg has recently been celebrating becoming a grandfather and now with more positive news ahead, it has been revealed that he will be the executive producer of a new HBO show.

The new family drama series will focus on a household who appear to have an ‘idyllic’ life in their LA hometown, but a collision of American politics and their local community causes a change in dynamics for everyone involved.

Snoop is no stranger to TV, as he has featured on his family-orientated reality series and, of course, his music videos. But with this being a show where the production is more structured than reality TV, this is new ground for the rapper.

The show will be written by Rodney Barnes, who is famously known for Everybody Hates Chris and directed by Allen Hughes (Broken City, Gang Related).

Focusing on America in the 80’s, the trio will take you back to the events that took centre stage in those times, so there is certainly a gap in the market for this kind of show.

A premiere date and title hasn’t been finalized just yet, but as Snoop grew up in a similar area, there is a lot that he can relate to and encourage on this project.

“HBO is the number one network in the world as far as developing and having these types of shows come to life,” said Snoop. “This is a dream come true to be able to tell a story that’s going to be told the right way on the right network.”

Will you be watching?

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