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Fashion Favourite: Meet Vogue’s New Contributing Editors

Fashion Favourite: Meet Vogue’s New Contributing Editors

July 10, 2017 | D&L

Meet your new contributing editors at Vogue magazine!

Super models, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss were announced as contributing editors at British Vogue after they were hired by the magazine’s new editor, Edward Enninful.

When it first emerged that Enninful was going to be the new editor, the fashion world had nothing but positive comments and praise for what was to come and now with Campbell and Moss both on board, the future of British Vogue is looking incredibly bright.

Plus, the names do not stop there. Enninful has also appointed Steve McQueen and Grace Coddington as contributors.

“I am thrilled that Kate, Naomi, Steve and Grace are going to work with us in these new roles,” said Enninful.

“As two of the biggest international style influencers and supermodels, the impact Naomi and Kate have in today’s culture is enormous.

“Being an acclaimed filmmaker and Turner Prize-winning artist, Steve will bring an increased depth to the arts within the magazine.

“Grace’s relationship with Vogue started at a very young age; she has become synonymous with the title and is as much loved in Britain as she is globally.”

He continued to say: “I am very much looking forward to working with these friends and colleagues on their ideas for upcoming issues.”

The new team also includes Venetia Scott as the magazine’s Fashion Director starting this week.

With a team that contribute to charity work, creative annual projects, humanitarian work and more, they sure are a force to be reckoned with.

Image Source: Tumblr, ZetaBoards, E! Online, Evening Standard