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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Faux Suede Sandals

March 11, 2015 | D&L

Have you ever come across a pair of shoes and you instantly want to buy them? Well that’s the feeling we got when we first saw these faux fur suede sandals! Plus, what makes them even more appealing is that they come in more than one colour.

These block heeled stilettos are incredibly stylish with the double ankle strap, peep toe and cut out detail at the heel, making them the ultimate shoe for your evening occasions.

They come in a number of pastel shades for you to mix and match with your outfit and because each design is made in a light shade, you can experiment even more with the colours you choose for the rest of your look.

You’ll already be rocking various trends with just this shoe alone, which also allows you to dress the shoes up as much, or as little as you like. Talk about a versatile shoe!

Now you know why we love them so much. What colour will you be buying? Don’t forget your sale offer for 20% off with the code SHOE20.

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Photo Credit: Missguided