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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Winter Prints

November 12, 2014 | D&L

Did you know that Winter prints are completely different to Summer prints?

It’s true. With the colder seasons now approaching, all the neon brights, floral prints and delicate finishes have disappeared and now all the focus is on bold prints, geometric patterns and hints of bright tones.

The one thing to remember is that just because the evenings are getting darker a lot earlier, it doesn’t mean that your clothes should reflect that.

So, if you’re stuck for choice when it comes to your Winter wardrobe, you can still stick to your favourite colours – whether they’re extra bright or bold – but the key is to inject a little colour (bold and not neon) into your look, so that you don’t have the same repetitive pallet. Make it your mission to have a mix of bold and slightly brighter notes.

Whether you’re a lover of colour or prefer adding outerwear layers (cardigans and waistcoats), or accessories such as scarves, hats and bags to experiment with different looks within your own personal style, this too will work when it comes to tackling the cold weather in the most fashionable and comfortable way.

Take some wardrobe inspiration from the great Belgian fashion designer, Dries van Noten, for help on the different levels of colour you can play with, then add your own finishing touches from one of your favourite retailers.

Photo Credit: Vogue