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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Blouse With Tuxedo Collar In Colourblock

May 1, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

It’s always nice to pair a plain and simple oversized blouse with some wet look leggings, jet black leggings or skinny jeans. But what if you went for a shirt that had more to it?

For example, check out this very eccentric chiffon blouse that isn’t like your ordinary collection of blouses. It may give you the illusion of a light jacket, but this blouse has been inspired by the striking affect of a tuxedo and that’s exactly what you get when looking at this for the first time.

The thick black panels add sophistication and a very stylish look alongside the sleek buttons, plunge V-neckline and faux pockets lined out. It just screams ‘sleek and stylish’.

To continue this trend, you can also wear your hair in a number of styles, such as a sleek ponytail, wild curls or pure straightened locks. What look will you be experimenting with?

Image Source: ASOS