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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Embroidered Shirt Dress

February 7, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

When we first layed our eyes on this shirt dress, it was pretty hard to take our eyes off of it! This creative take on the shirt dress is so appealing to the eye and great for those who love a bit of detail in their wardrobes.

This diverse dress has block panels which creates a contrast in shape; the flow at the bottom to the straight fit around the waist and the way the material sits on the hips. And without forgetting about the most eye-catching part, the embroidery, the floral pattern with subtle hints of colour really complement the bold white colour that acts as a prime colour alongside the blue.

Now, down to the important details; footwear! To be honest, you can go with what you feel will add your own style to this dress. You can choose between ballet pumps, brogues, patent Dr Martens, platform wedges, classy black ankle boots; the options are endless.

You can grab this dress, which is new in at ASOS for £55! What will you be wearing yours with?

Image Source: ASOS