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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Gel Bikinis For Your Holiday Destination

April 16, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

If you’re getting ready to book your annual holiday, or if you’re due to start packing for a spa weekend, now is the time to update your bikini wardrobe with Max Cleavage.

This company isn’t just your ordinary swimwear retailer, because Max Cleavage specialise in creating gel bras and bikinis for the ladies who need that extra boost when it comes to body confidence.

They dedicate their time researching different styles of swimwear to make sure that their customers are always provided with the latest trends and complementary colours for every shape and trend out there’; sounds perfect for this SS season!

‘Each style contains discreet liquid filled pads that will boost your bust size and shape, and work wonders for your cleavage’. Plus, ‘if you are looking for small busted bikinis then you are in the right place’.

All it takes is one quick click to Max Cleavage and you’ll find the perfect set for your up and coming event that will wipe all your swimwear worries away.

Photo Credit: Max George