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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Grizzly Studded Courts

October 9, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

If you want to step away from the go-to nude colour that we all love to take advantage of, how about adding some rose tints into your style? This is one of autumn’s much loved colours, because it’s not too bright from the summer season and it’s definitely not a dark winter tone, so it’s great for injecting some light into your day.

So with that said, these rose coloured stiletto heels are exactly what we’re looking for. They have a sleek metallic finish and the much-loved spikes that made their mark on a lot of SS13 footwear. These would look perfect with a white tee and black flare trousers, as the heels would be the focal point of the outfit.

Or if you want to colour co-ordinate a bit more, make it as subtle as possible with just one other matching garment. A rose coloured top, tinted jewellery or a salmon blazer are some of the choices that you can play around with. Have fun!

Image Source: Topshop