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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Tricolour Dress

April 17, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

This fashion pick was inspired by you! It seems that the shift dress we featured a few weeks ago was very popular, so here is another dress for you to set your eyes on.

This tricolour dress from Zara is so sleek it would be a crime not to wear a cute pair of open toe shoes with it. With a striking block red colour that blends so well with the black and white monochrome theme, a simple pair of shoes of either of those colours will complete this look perfectly.

There are two things about this dress that you will love above its other features. Firstly, the diagonal cut of the straps and the shape of the white block down the front of the dress really gives you a great silhouette. Secondly, the cut out back adds that extra touch of chic. Who doesn’t love an open back?!

Image Source: Zara