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Fashion Pick Of The Day: Zara’s Spring Season Fashion

March 19, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Spring is in the air and we are very eager to start adding some new pieces to our wardrobes! But we don’t want to go too overboard as clearly, the continuous sunny days aren’t upon us just yet, but there’s no harm in taking in what we’ve been given in the meantime.

Everyone has their favourite retail stores they like to buy from and we are no different, so with today’s fashion pick we have set all our attention on Zara. They have added some amazing pieces to their new season line and it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Here are a few of our top picks that will be making their way to our wish list.

We may be a bit premature with these shorts but this is one of those moments where you just can’t leave the product behind. Bright colours are a must for the SS season and the cut on these shorts will make your legs look even more flattering than the ones you’ve worked hard for.

With a nice breeze in the air you’ll still be needing a collection of light blazers or knitwear and this printed jacket is perfect for adding a statement to your look. It will look best with lighter colours – nude, white, grey – to really bring out the rosy texture of the jacket.

Midi pencil skirts are still making their presence known and this pink number with a slit at the back is bound to be one of your favourite choices for those chilled out afternoon to evening nights with your girls. Why? Because it’s a versatile skirt that you can dress up or down in an instant.

It’s always nice to go for an item that wouldn’t necessarily catch your eye from the first look because it shakes up your usual appearance a little bit. Be a bit more outgoing with a statement piece and you’ll surprise yourself at how much you love how it looks on you.

Photo Credit: Zara