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Feature Article: ChristineDoesDrama

Feature Article: ChristineDoesDrama

July 17, 2015 | D&L

What’s up Drama Divas and Drama Dudes. Welcome to another rollercoaster week in the lives of our favourite celebrities. From Chris Brown’s house being robbed to Louis Tomlinson’s Daddy Drama, your girl ChristineDoesDrama is on the pulse on the latest hot topics…

Chris Brown’s Home Is Robbed While Aunt Is Home Alone

Chris Brown’s Tarzana home was burgled early Wednesday morning. Chris Brown’s aunt was reportedly locked in a closet and held at gunpoint by three intruders while the singer partied in a nearby club. MediaTakeOut.com are reporting that the burglars got away with over $1 million in stolen goods. However Officer Liliana Preciado told the media: “The suspects got away with an unknown amount of cash, electronics and personal items.”

Brown has been showing off his new home in Tarzana on Instagram and pictures of his extensive sneaker collection and fancy cars have been gaining a lot of attention on social media. Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, believes that this may have been an inside job and warned Chris on Twitter to “watch who he was standing beside”.

In May, in a different property, Brown came home to find a woman who had allegedly broken in, cooked several meals and written “I love you” on his walls. Amira Ayeb, 21, subsequently pleaded not guilty to first-degree residential burglary, stalking and vandalism. It would seem that after this frightening incident Chris would have stepped up security, so to believe the culprit would be in his inner circle isn’t too hard to imagine.

The robbery may also have an effect on his custody battle with his daughter’s mother, Nia Guzman. TMZ.com are reporting that Nia believes that Chris is involved in gang activity and the robbery proves that his associates are now turning against him. Guzman is worried that they could hold baby Royalty ransom but despite all this, Brown seems to be staying positive posting a picture on Instagram saying: “When God handles everything there is no need being anything less than great.”

1D’s Louis Tomlinson ‘To Become A Dad’

One Direction fans were left stunned when news broke that Louis Tomlinson is to become a father for the first time. Tomlinson, 23, who split from long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder in March, is reportedly expecting his first child with Los Angeles-based stylist, Briana Jungwirth.

The pair are apparently very close friends but are thought not to be in a relationship. Both Briana and Louis were spotted on a number of dates in May. Directioners are holding on to the fact that their crush has not confirmed the rumours. However, if it’s untrue, multiple outlets will be open to huge lawsuits!

MailOnline.com are reporting that Briana allowed Louis’s mum Johannah Deakin and stepdad Dan, to travel to California to see her scan and hear the baby’s heartbeat. Also, Louis’s mother is a qualified midwife and would be a great support. Tomlinson appeared on stage on Wednesday night for the first time since the scandal broke, performing in Seattle with One Direction. He also broke his Twitter silence thanking fans for their support after the gig.

Kylie Jenner Criticised By Actress Amandla Stenberg For ‘Appropriating Black Culture’ With Cornrows Selfie

Amandla Stenberg, star of the Hunger Games movies, slammed reality TV star Kylie Jenner after she posted a photo on Instagram of her hair in cornrows. The 16-year-old commented on Kylie’s photo: “When u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter.”

Kylie, 17, replied: “Mad if I don’t, Mad if I do…. Go hang w Jaden or something.” The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was referring to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son Jaden who went to prom with Amandla in May. Amandla made headlines earlier this year when she released a viral video through Hype Hair Magazine where she spoke about cultural appropriation, posing the question: “What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”

The video titled “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows” sees Stenberg speaking in a mature and understanding way beyond her years. Speaking directly to the camera, Stenberg states: “Appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated but is deemed as high-fashion, cool or funny when the privileged take it for themselves.

“Hip hop stems from a black struggle, it stems from jazz and blues, styles of music African-Americans created to retain humanity in the face of adversity. On a smaller scale but in a similar vein, braids and cornrows are not merely stylistic. They’re necessary to keep black hair neat.” While I fundamentally agree with everything that Amandla is saying, would anyone listen to Kylie Jenner speak up on black issues?

It doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t, but as a 17-year-old kid who lives in the bubble of Hollywood, does she even fully understand the struggles of black people? Did anyone at that age? Or were we all out doing young and dumb things? Sometimes a hairstyle is just a hairstyle.

However, Justin Bieber came to Kylie’s defence by posting a message on Instagram saying: “Guys leave her alone, we’re all trying to figure it out and she happens to be under a microscope. I’m the first to know this. But saying she’s being racist because she has her hair in braids is ridiculous.” Bieber added: “Let’s focus on the bigger picture and instead of fighting over something stupid, let’s do something about equality. But it doesn’t start here blasting a 17-year-old kid for wearing braids.”

The drama this week has been too real! As always, I will be here next Friday to keep you up to date and in the know on the latest celebrity news. Til next week Drama Divas and Dudes!

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