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Feature Interview: Concept

June 5, 2015 | D&L

Meet Concept. The boyband made up of five friends who grew up together through school and college days, a close-knit bond which would see them turn to a career in music.

Their younger days saw the group of five start singing, whilst Ben took up playing the guitar. This then led to the boys playing gigs, uploading material to YouTube, gaining several hits and a fan base, which they were soon to label and refer to as their ‘Connies’.

“We just built from there on really,” said the boys.

Some of you may remember the Concept boys – Matt, Karim, Ben, Nathan and Scott – from their time on The X Factor UK 2014. Here they achieved a greater experience in live performances, engaged with large audiences and also gained some positive critique from the judges.

“We got great comments all the way through,” they said. “It was a good experience, especially playing Wembley.”

Although Concept didn’t make the live shows with mentor Louis Walsh, the exposure and opportunity to share their talent on a wider scale was certainly a positive for them. They also learnt some key points and came away with some important advice along the way, which still apply to their mentality as music artists today.

“Just be yourselves. If you’re not then you can get found out very quickly,” they revealed. “The public see past that, so we try to be ourselves the whole time. Do what we love doing, the covers and the music.”

Speaking of covers, Concept will be revealing the first of many covers to come this weekend, Sunday 7pm.

“In terms of choosing covers, we choose what we like and what’s popular at the time,” they revealed. “There’s a couple in the ones coming out now that are going to be our favourites.”

Be sure to tune in on their Youtube channel for what we can exclusively reveal, will involve Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ and a Nick Jonas favourite! “It’s looking good.”

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Photo Credit: Female First