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Feeling Myself: Beyonce vs Nicki Minaj vs Topshop

May 19, 2015 | D&L

It has already been referred to as one of the biggest duets of the year, so you can imagine how excited fans of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj were with the release of their new collaboration, titled ‘Feeling Myself’.

The teaser video has been out for less than a full day and it has already received thousands of views. The pair have collaborated before on Beyonce’s ‘Flawless’ remix, but this track brings a whole different energy when it comes to lyrics and performance.

Besides their killer figures and huge presence in the video, the fashion in the short clip is a huge deal and with Topshop’s New Riviera style just hitting stores this week, it’s the perfect time to emulate Queen Bey and Nicki’s looks!

Basketball jerseys, printed vests and pastel coloured accessories are just a small fraction of what we have had the opportunity to see in the video teaser and a whole lot more is soon to be revealed.

But with what we have already seen from the successful artists, this new Topshop range is a great distraction for you to get yourself hooked on before the complete project arrives.

With graphic prints, all-white ensembles, super-size accessories, palazzo shapes and an overload on stripes, there seems to be a British takeover going on with this new twist in fashion.

With Cannes 2015 also recently taking place, fashion inspiration from the stars and the annual festival have brought a lot of attention to structured hats; a highlight from the South of France extravaganza.

Back to the video – it’s clear to see that Bey and Nicki are huge lovers of accessories! So don’t forget to get a look in on the accessories area for your hot swimsuits, over sized sunglasses and light-weight scarves.

Plus, remember to take a look at our special chosen key pieces for more inspiration (as seen in the images).

Here’s the whole collection.

Photo Credit: Topshop, Twitter