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Full House Reunion Sees Olsen Twins Return To Acting?

Full House Reunion Sees Olsen Twins Return To Acting?

April 22, 2015 | D&L

With the news of hit show, Full House, returning to TV, we want to know whether the Olsen Twins will be reprising their on screen role?

Renamed, Fuller House, the show is thought to have been picked up by Netflix for 13 new episodes.

The show originally saw Mary Kate and Ashley play baby Michelle, a job share that would see the two kick start their career in acting and later fashion.

With plans of a reunion thought to have been in talks for a few years now and Bob Saget, John Stamos & Dave Coulier reprising their roles on The Tonight show last year, Stamos, Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber are all set to reprise their roles. Throw in Saget, the Olsens, Coulier and Lori Loughlin (who are also in talks to return) and you’ve got a full house (no pun intended).

Set for a 2016 release date, the original show is based on Tanner’s wife being widowed, which sees her being supported by her room mates, as she raises her daughters D.J., Stephanie and Michelle.

“The continued support of ‘Full House’ fans of all ages for the last 28 years has been astounding,” said original series creator, Jeff Franklin.

“It is an honor and a thrill to catch up with these beloved characters and explore their lives today. The love you saw on the show was real. The cast has remained a loving family off screen all these years. We are as excited as our fans to finally bring Full House back to life.”

Will you be tuning in?

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