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Fyfe Formerly Known As David’s Lyre Returns PLUS L’ART’s Own Licia Conn

April 30, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Remember Licia Conn? We had the pleasure of meeting up with the Film Production graduate following her work on Bluey Robinson’s ‘Coming Back’ video, which saw her feature in issue 4 of L’ART back in 2011.

Last year Licia completed work on a new video project which saw her work with UK singer, songwriter and musican Paul Dixon, formerly known as David’s Lyre and soon to be referred to as fyfe.

His debut release In Arms came in 2011 and he had his first full album release last year, the self released Picture Of Our Youth, which included the below track. Keep your eyes and ears open for fyfe’s 2013 EP release, which has already seen the release of tracks ‘Solace’ and ‘St Tropez’.

But lets take it back to his previous work. In the nature inspired and woodland based piece, the visual to David’s ‘single ‘Heartbeat’ captures the essence and joruney of the track perfectly. The shots produced and inclusion of the dancers against outdoor settings and the story told through the male’s presence, this combination of film production and vocals are a great match in our eyes.

Do you agree? Press play below and get your views in. The Solace EP is out now!

Image Source: Middle Class White Noise

Video Source: Vimeo