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Girl Meets Boy As Office Channels Androgyny

September 13, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

These rainy Autumn days may seem to be recurring a little often than we’d like, but it’s the perfect excuse to get our rain proof style items out and to experiment with the season’s trend that is here to stay.

We’re talking about the trusty Girl Meets Boy look and with Androgyny being a fun look to experience with many loafers, brogues and boots on offer, you’ll be fully equipped and well prepared for the wet days to come.

Our eyes were drawn to Office’s leather, patent loafers and for £65, this versatile footwear also pays great attention to detail, providing upper fringe and tassle elements favouring leather lining, ticking all boxes in embracing the cross over look.

Available in patent black as well as tan and black with a tan sole, you can choose your favourite or go big and treat yourself to all three; there are seven days in the week after all.

Image Source: Office