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HOT TRENDS: Inspired By Fashion Week

HOT TRENDS: Inspired By Fashion Week

September 17, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Jessica Alba is one lady who knows how to dress extremely well for any occasion. She effortlessly carries off striking pieces as well as brightening up a casual outfit with a wise statement piece. We’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t want easy access to her wardrobe!

So with the success of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) inspiring lots of new styles for the AW season and London Fashion Week (LFW) bringing even greater choice, here is a round-up of the biggest trends that will soon be taking over the retail stores and what you should be updating your wardrobe with.

Cropped Knitted Tops

Jessica has proved that not only does a plain tee or a printed blouse work perfectly with a flowing midi skirt, but a knitted top for the cooler weather works just as well! Mix and match with a cropped or oversized knit to create different looks.

Floppy Hats

These hats aren’t just for the summer sun. These will look great with a bold look of grey washed-out jeans and white shirt or you can add a few touches of summer with floral printed trousers and a casual fitting top like Drew Barrymore.

Match In Monochrome

Monochrome is still causing a huge impact in the world of fashion. You can mix and match with bags, trousers, shirts and shoes that already have a monochrome pattern. Or you can go for block colours to create your own monochrome affect; why not try white trousers, black top, white jacket and black heels.

Bold Stripes

Stripes are enough to add character to any outfit. Be bold with your choices and add the odd pop of colour for a more dramatic look.

Image Source: Daily Mail