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I Can’t Sing: The X-Factor Musical You’ve Been Waiting For

September 4, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Now this is one musical you won’t want to miss – even if you’re not the musical type – because there is more to this production than the story of The X-Factor.

Funny man Harry Hill and composer and lyricist Steve Brown aren’t just re-creating the show for the big stage, they have completely crossed all boundaries and poked fun at the show and all who have been involved. You will get to see what some people’s views on The X-Factor are really like!

You will be able to watch ‘2014’s most anticipated musical’ at the London Palladium from March 26th and previews of the show will be screened from February 27th. Plus, it’s not just the fans of X-Factor who will be quick to purchase their tickets, because you don’t have to be a keen follower to get involved.

Even the main character has never heard of the X-Factor! The story is based on a young woman, Chenice, who auditions for the show after being pointed in that direction. It is from here that you will witness the endless jokes pointed at Simon Cowell – who will be played by Nigel Harmon – but you’ll be pleased to know that Simon approves.

“I’m used to it,” said Simon. “If it bothered me I wouldn’t have done the show. I didn’t want to do a musical we took too seriously – it’s a fun show. The big thing for me was if the songs were good or not, but I get it in the neck throughout.”

Harry added: “I think he trusted us – he knew we wouldn’t be ridiculous. We tried not to be cruel, but to take the mickey in a friendly way.”

Well, we will see…

Visit the I Can’t Sing site for more information on the show and tickets.

Image Source: Broadway World