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I Just Wanna Dance: Cerebro’s Poppin & Lockin Workshop

February 21, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Calling all professional and aspiring dancers, here is a workshop on February 23rd 2013 – not to be missed!

“‘I Just Wanna Dance’ follows Cerebro’s dreams and passion to dance, as they battle through every day life in a series of highs and lows. The show has been described as ‘street dance meets theatre’.

“Through dance and entertainment the show encourages young people to pursue their dreams and aspirations whilst remaining focused on their educational goals and life’s responsibilities.

“’I Just Wanna Dance’ was commissioned by the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London last August 2011 and is the choreographic brain-child of North London’s most talented, charismatic, entertaining all male street dance crew Cerebro.

“Cerebro’s workshop is essential for urban dance practitioners and professionals alike. The Company are innovators of digestible street dance with instantly recognised tracks from a wide musical genre and era.

“The dancers ability to build quick and easy rapport with students makes the dancers very approachable; which makes for a pleasurable and rewarding learning experience at our workshops.

“Cerebro Dance Company showcases all forms of street dance; our workshops are stimulating and enjoyable; providing participants and students with all genre of street dance including poppin, wavin, lockin and more.

“The Company will infuse all participants with our passion for dance that will make our workshops a memorable and possibly a dance changing experience for 11yrs+, for aspiring dancers, practitioners and professionals.”

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Image Source: Breakin Convention