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Innate Dance Present Yanis Marshall Plus A Guest Surprise

April 25, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Innate Dance events are bringing Yanis Marshall to the UK.

Specialising in bringing dance workshops and events to the performing arts lovers out there, an opportunity to train and learn from the choreographer, dancer and teacher is not to be missed, as he arrives at Manchester’s Studio 25 tomorrow!

From his roots in Cannes to becoming a big talent in styles of Street Jazz, Lyrical Jazz and New Cabaret in heels, the professional dancer will give an insight into his world and way of teaching and you can get involved, plus word is Yanis will appear on Britain’s Got Talent this weekend. Keep those eyes peeled.

Don’t forget Les Twins will also be making a return to the UK, as following the popular demand following their workshop last week in London, the loved dancers will be back in London and Manchester from May 13th, so keep up to date with Innate Dance here for all your important updates.

Photo Credit: Innate Dance