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INSPIRED: Dr Elaine Spencer’s Melody Of Deception

May 12, 2015 | D&L

If you’re a lover of the theatre and watching a well-known tale brought to life, then Melody of Deception could be just what you need to see!

The number one Canadian gospel stage play will make its UK debut this week (May 15th-17th, Birmingham and London) and with a compelling story line full of events based on real-life situations, you’ll find yourself looking at these true scandals in a new light.

Author-playwright and director, Dr Elaine Spencer (Kaleo Productions), has teamed up with the UK’s Alan Charles (Focus Arts Promotions) to produce ‘a dazzling dramedy about deception and betrayal nestled in a heartfelt message of hope’. Without giving too much of the storyline away, it’s loosely based on the book, Private Pain In Public Pews and the focus is on the people of the church and their private lives being the centre of public attention.

No matter how strongly you practice your faith, this sell out show will appeal to anyone who wants to witness the results and consequences these loveable characters experience when faced with the unexpected.

Have you ever been told a secret but stayed out of the situation to avoid being involved? Or how about witnessing someone lead a double life – would you reach out to a loved one who deserved to know? These are only just some of the series of events that this play touches upon!

Based around the events of a Christian church, the play explores the happenings of its church-goers and their secrets. That’s right, this production is brave enough to bring attention to the untold events that happen behind closed doors.

Some people may have their own idea of scandals only take place in broken families, difficult relationships and from those who display their drama for all to see, but regardless of the persona people work hard for you to see, anyone can face challenging times, regardless of their positive lifestyle.

‘The real secrets are embedded in the stories of pain behind these scandals and that’s where the play comes in’.

Here’s what Spencer had to say about Melody of Deception: “The play addresses what we all know has gone on in the church, but we’re too afraid to talk about. It’s dramatic, thought provoking and funny! A bit of humour makes difficult issues much easier to talk about.”

She went on to say: “I was writing down some advice to share with someone going through hard times and when I started writing, I literally couldn’t stop. Those jottings translated into a book, which was how the stage plays got started.”

We’ve all come across, or will soon experience hard times in life and with a background in counselling, Spencer has used her talents in social work and writing to create further projects in her books and stage plays. With the added finishing touches of gospel music and a rollercoaster of laughs and emotional lows, this is said to be one of Spencer’s most moving plays.

Do you need any other reasons to go and watch? Visit Kaleo Production for more information of Dr Elaine Spencer’s work and tour dates.

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Photo Credit: Kaleo Production