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INSPIRED: Missy Elliott

March 4, 2015 | D&L

There isn’t just one word you can use to describe Missy Elliott, because she has done so much for the music industry that one word just isn’t enough.

Iconic. Driven. Talented. A leader. Courageous. Creative… We could go on and the reason her music has remained so relative right now, is because she has always been ahead of the game.

Her delivery on tracks like ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)’ and ‘Work It’ are just two of our favourite tracks from our childhood. From the moment she released her first single, Missy has had a way with words that almost sounds like poetry, as she draws you in to a small part of her world.

Along with the songs that have a smoother delivery, Missy is one of the first female artists to also show her rapping skills alongside her singing, which is why songs including ‘All N My Grill’ and ‘She’s A B**ch’ will remain some of the hottest tracks in musical history – not to mention the crazy beat!

With her powerhouse of a collaborator in Timbaland, this duo consistently brought out hits and they are one of music’s greatest working relationships in the music business.

With music also comes performance and if there is one thing that Missy can do, it’s put on a show! Every music video that Missy produced, topped the previous one you had already seen.

She has the ability to think way outside of ‘that box’, to give you 100% creativity when it comes to the visual for her work. Who remembers the graphics in ‘Lose Control’? or the colours and effects used in ‘Beep Me 911’. How about the futuristic look in ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)’? All these factors are what makes Missy stand out as a musician, performer, a creative mind and more.

With rumours flying around that she’s currently in the studio working with Pharrell, we can’t wait for what Missy will be coming out with next!


Photo Credit: Rap Up