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INTERVIEW: Billboard topping DJ & producer, Xenia

INTERVIEW: Billboard topping DJ & producer, Xenia

August 9, 2017 | D&L

Meet, Xenia Ghali, the two time Billboard dance DJ and producer who has already reached the number one spot, not once, but twice.

The rising talent continues to work hard on new music, and not to mention keep up with the busy Summer schedule which currently sees her on her European shows.

From working with the likes of Wyclef Jean, to crossing over to the fashion brands she loves, we caught up with Xenia to discuss her plans for the Summer, the importance of directing her own visuals, and her passion for fashion…

L’ART: Following your number one hits, you’ve got new music on the way. What can your supporters look forward to with upcoming releases?

Xenia: I am very excited about the next records I have been working on! I always like to push myself, and to evolve my sound. I am currently finished with a couple of tracks, and I am very excited for you to hear them!

L’ART: With ‘Under these Lights’, and ‘Places’, doing so well, how do you go about following up on singles with a number one status?

Xenia: I work very hard and always strive to do better than ‘the last one’. Having said that, it is very difficult to predict how ‘successful’ any project or single will be. My philosophy is to work hard, to make music I love, and to hope that it touches and inspires people.

L’ART: You’ll be hosting several European shows this Summer. Where will you be heading?

Xenia: Throughout the summer I am on an extensive tour in Greece. In addition to Greece I do have shows in nearby countries.

L’ART: As a DJ and producer, how important is it to you to release music on your own label?

Xenia: Having the ability to release music on my own label is definitely very important. It enables me to have complete creative control, to create a strategy and a plan that makes sense for me, to build a solid team who work and grow together on a much more intimate level, and of course it enables me to partner up with other labels and individuals who are ideal for the specific project.

L’ART: With new productions coming over the Summer, which artists have you got your eye on to feature on your tracks?

Xenia: I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of incredible artists both known and undiscovered. There are a lot of artists I would love to work with! It would be very hard to pick just a few.

L’ART: With experience remixing tracks for artists such as Pitbull and Mr Vega, how different is this process, compared to that of producing your own material from scratch?

Xenia: Remixing tracks is a little different to producing my own material. When I remix a song I try to capture what elements I personally found great about the original, and to then make it ‘my own’.

It can sometimes be challenging to hear something that already exists in a completely different way, but a way around that for me is to listen to the vocal acapella on its own over and over again. That way I start imagining the production that would compliment the vocal in a completely new and almost original way.

L’ART: You also direct all your music videos. Talk us through this decision…

Xenia: With any single I produce I always have a visual that I imagine. I have always had a very clear vision and direction with regards to the music videos of my singles. As such, I creatively direct all of my music videos, as well as work on the post production process.

L’ART: With a passion for fashion, you have worked with G Star Raw, and Adidas to name a few. Tell us a bit more about these working relationships.

Xenia: I am currently working with G Star Raw and Adidas, both brands which I absolutely love and which are very much ‘my style’. Fashion is a very important part of my brand. Just like music, it is a means of expression, and for me it goes hand in hand with music.

L’ART: Who can you see yourself collaborating with in future?

Xenia: There are many artists, musicians and producers I would love to collaborate with in the future! I am currently working on a few collaborations, so you will find out in the very near future!

Image Source: Urban Rebel PR