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INTERVIEW: Billie Jacobina Post London Fashion Week

October 1, 2017 | D&L

Following her London Fashion Week (LFW) show with Fashion Scout, we caught up with designer Billie Jacobina to talk all things fashion, post LFW.

Billie’s Bakery was such a fun and creative show, we just had to catch up with the hard-working designer who creates all her prints and brings those visions to life…

L’ART: How did your fashion week show go compared to what you were expecting?

Billie: It was definitely bigger than last season. I had a lot more bloggers, influencers and buyers there which was really exciting. I’m still in shock at how well it went. I was a lot more organised this year because I wasn’t making anything backstage or anything stupid like that, which is what happens normally! I loved it.

L’ART: You had a lot of really bright colours, we loved the theme. What was your inspiration behind Billie’s bakery?

Billie: I used to work in a bakery when I came back from Jakarta and I really hated it. We used to have to bake everything in the morning from 5am and I used to burn everything and get in trouble. I basically took that concept and made it into something positive in my life rather than a negative.

L’ART: What was your favourite moment about LFW this time around?

Billie: Seeing everyones faces when they saw the collection and getting feedback from people. I haven’t had any bad feedback yet. It’s been quite a whirlwind and I’m on Vogue, so when I got the email through, that was a nice feeling.

L’ART: Did you manage to watch any other shows this year?

Billie: I went to a lot of shows at Fashion Scout; Katie Ann Maguire, I love her stuff. Also Han Wen, he’s one of my favourite designers at Fashion Scout. I missed out on the shows on the Friday but hopefully one day I will get to watch the Ones To Watch show.

L’ART: Where else do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

Billie: Every collection has been an experience I have had in life. My graduate collection was based on a trip I had to Morocco and I wrote my dissertation on Alice in Wonderland, so I made my own Wonderland, and that’s how that collection grew.

My Autumn/Winter collection in February was based on my trip to Bali when I was in Jakarta with all the colours and went to the temples. Same with the bakery. It’s more personal.

Someone actually asked me why I don’t do something that’s political, but so many designers are doing that and I want to take people out of this crazy world that we’re living in and put them into my view of my world, try and have a bit of fun. I’m trying to be different in a different way.

L’ART: We saw you were teasing some projects you have coming up. Without giving too much away, are you able to give an insight into what you have planned?

Billie: I had a few buyers at the show so I have a lookbook shoot planned, so that’s really exciting as they want to see the items as it is. I hopefully have a few collaborations coming up but they’re not 100% set in stone.

Irregular Choice Shoes are my sponsor now so every show you will see Irregular Choice Shoes in. It’s a lot of different things.

The fun thing about Fashion Week is you meet people that you don’t expect to meet and don’t think would like your stuff. It’s all very exciting.

Watch this space as we continue to follow Billie on her journey.

We wish you all the best Billie!

Image Source: Instagram (Billie Jacobina)