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INTERVIEW: DAISHA Welcomes You To Her Tribe

INTERVIEW: DAISHA Welcomes You To Her Tribe

July 23, 2015 | D&L

Since we last spoke to DAISHA, a lot has been going on in her career. The rising star and MBK/ SONY RED artist is currently celebrating the success of ‘HIYAH (F.O.H)’, which is her latest single release and it carries a very truthful message.

As well as carrying this strong message, the track also highlights the many sides of DAISHA as a person and as an artist, and with the many projects she has been involved with so far, DAISHA is looking at an even brighter future ahead.

Now with the upcoming release of her album approaching in August – A Tribe Called DAISHA – we caught up with the star on her music partnerships, the story behind her album title, tour news and more…

L’ART: HIYAH (F.O.H) is your latest single making an impact right now referencing expectations of women. What was your inspiration for the song?

DAISHA: At the time it was written I was dealing with a lot of naysayers. I was being told “no” a lot and also dealing with men who weren’t up to my caliber. The song is about chopping people out of your life who don’t serve you.

L’ART: What was it like working with Swaggrcelious (who has worked with some talented female artists like yourself) to create this song?

DAISHA: I have been working with Swagg for years and years. We both started at MBK around the same time. It’s beautiful how we have evolved together over the years. It’s always like home when we work together and he gets it.

L’ART: Your upcoming EP is to be released next month. Tell us a bit about the story behind the EP name ‘Skin Out – A Tribe Called DAISHA’?

DAISHA: It’s a glimpse into my world. I feel it’s a great intro as to who I am and what my sound is, also a great glimpse into how the sound will evolve from here. It’s amazing to be free in the studio with full creative control. I’ve had the opportunity to create work that is uniquely me and it also introduces The Tribe which is MY community.

L’ART: Tell us a bit about your songwriting process. Where do you draw inspiration from for your song lyrics and titles?

DAISHA: The creative process for me is always different. Sometimes I’ll have a concept in my head and we then create music around that. Or sometimes Swagg will have a beat made and I think of how it makes me feel. I like to bounce ideas off of other people.

L’ART: Shall we expect any features from fellow artists on your EP?

DAISHA: As of now there are no features but nothing is set in stone.

L’ART: LA Reid has played a big part in your journey with being signed to Epic Records, what wise words and advice has he given you in your career so far?

DAISHA: Being with Epic Records was a key moment for me to know that I was on the right path. I was there for about 8 months but it wasn’t the right fit. My advice for anyone is to go where you feel celebrated.

L’ART: What do you wish to achieve with your music by the end of this year?

DAISHA: I wish for my music to infiltrate the system in a way that my brand speaks for itself. I wish to be on the road touring and gearing up for another release.

L’ART: Will there be any plans of a mini-tour or any scheduled shows alongside your EP release?

DAISHA: There are always shows popping up here and there but yes, I plan to do a mini tour! I love the stage.

L’ART: You’re also the co-founder of Daisha and Alicia Graf Arts Collective, how did this idea come about?

DAISHA: My sister and I are avid believers of giving back to the community. We both have thrived on the arts our whole lives so why not give back in that way? We decided to plan ways that we could “enrich the lives of others” through arts education and community service.

To keep up to date with DAISHA’s music, follow her on twitter @IamtheDAISHA.

Photo Credit: 2R’s Entertainment & Media PR