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October 19, 2015 | D&L

Dewey Da Don has been working hard to make a name for himself, whilst also being a mentor for the youth and with Usher being a great support, we wanted to learn a bit more about the guy that is one half of rap duo Urban Republic.

James Harris aka Dewey Da Don, has kept it no secret that he is an entrepreneur when it comes to business and with many more music projects and inspirational talks to come, here’s what else we found out about the up rising star…

As Usher’s protégé, he has been ‘grooming’ Dewey Da Don to be ‘an exceptional business man’ and the results are already proving to be a success as Atlanta is a place where Dewey can pursue his education and career at the same time.

So the question many people want to know the answer to, is how does he balance his very busy work schedule?

“Balance is key. The key to our success is going to be streamlining and set up everything we do as a revolving door. When we’re working in one area it’s not only beefing up that area, it’s beefing up our other areas.”

Plus, as the parent of two daughters, Dewey has found a perfect way to involve his eldest in his music making. “I use my music as a medium of parenting as well. I bring my daughter into the studio with me. How I find my balance is set up my life as a revolving door and luckily every time I pass through them I do have fun; I love service, I love working with kids, I love making music.”

Speaking of his music, as an artist he faces many challenges – like everyone else – but when rapping lyrics that could encourage the youth to act out when he’s also a motivational speaker, could this affect his role as a mentor?

“We come from the streets, we know what we’re talking about when we speak from this perspective but we’ve learnt that it’s turning this pain into power.

“I might channel my frustrations into my music but I’m not going to do that. That’s me still learning how to deal with my frustrations we go through as people. We’re not glorifying these things.”

So with that record set straight, Dewey Da Don and his rap partner, Novacain, are dedicated to help keep the youth on the straight and narrow, whether it be through their music or school visits.

His non profit S.W.A.G. is also very close to his heart; it stands for Strong, Willing and Gifted where he awards scholarships to empower youth to make the changes needed to match their passion with something positive.

Dewey Da Don says: “When speaking to people and the youth it’s about representing your brand. I’m a very passionate person. Whatever I’m doing it’s 110%, whether when I was in the streets or with my music.

So when you see me on stage, you’re going to get that story. It’s raw and it’s real just like my life story. The importance and responsibility make sure I am giving people me beyond the music, motivational speaking on Instagram, teaching schools how to be a leader and express passion in a positive way.”

‘Following the underground success of the #FREE BASS Mixtape series, Urban Republic is ready to hit the streets with their newest and long awaited effort, ‘From Atlanta With Love’, set to release in early 2016.

‘Hosted by DJ Guy ATL, the project features the highly anticipated summer anthems, Blur and Heavy Artillery featuring NYC’s Fly D’Antoni.’

Look out for more Urban Republic news to come, plus, don’t forget to listen to their new mixtape.

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films