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INTERVIEW: Don Benjamin discusses new single, future collaborations & more

March 23, 2017 | D&L

US rapper, Don Benjamin, has a lot of plans in the making when it comes to his music and acting career.

After releasing his new single, ‘Enough’ with featured singer De Carlo, and receiving a lot of love from his UK fans at a club host night here in London, his passion and development as an artist is stronger than ever.

We caught up with Don, who has collaborated with the likes of Eric Bellinger and J Oliver to date…

L’ART: Your new single ‘Enough’ has now had its video premiere. How did you come to work with De Carlo on the track?

Don Benjamin: De Carlo and I were talking about relationships. How you can love someone and do everything you can, but you don’t know if it’s enough. Overall you still wanna fight for it and pull through.

L’ART: Fans seem to be able to relate to the track a lot. Why is that do you think?

Don Benjamin: They can relate because we’ve all been there. You can be doing a lot for the person you love, but he/she thinks it’s not enough or vice versa. Overall love will win.

L’ART: Who would you like to collaborate with in future?

Don Benjamin: I would love to collab with a lot of the big names. Jay Z, Drake, The Weeknd, and J Cole.

L’ART: Where did the EP name, MLPS, come from?

Don Benjamin: I’m from Minneapolis, MN. The abbreviation is MLPS. So for me, it stands for Money, Love, Power, Sex.

L’ART: Tell us a bit about this new project.

Don Benjamin: It’s going to be about my life. The past, the present and where I came from.

L’ART: What are your future plans and goals with the music for 2017?

Don Benjamin: I want to be able to tour more and release 2 EPs.

L’ART: What artists are you listening to at present?

Don Benjamin: Drake, Future and The Weeknd.

L’ART: We know you also have a love for acting. What can we expect to see you in next?

Don Benjamin: I’ve locked in with an acting coach and have been going to auditions. I have to put in a lot of work like any other job, so I can be prepared.

L’ART: If it came down to choosing between the two, which one would it be and why?

Don Benjamin: Music. Music is my passion and what I came to LA for.

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