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INTERVIEW: Following an EP and single release with Blay, we catch up with the multi-talented, J Fresh

March 7, 2017 | D&L

Multi talented DJ, broadcaster and producer, J Fresh, is celebrating the release of his debut EP, Pineapple.

The weekly radio show host can currently be heard internationally, has a residency on Charlie Sloth’s BBC 1Xtra show #ClubSloth and has even created content for the likes of Rinse, SBTV and LinkUp TV. Not to mention he has interviewed the likes of 50 Cent, Jeremih and Skepta to date.

We caught up with J Fresh to talk all things Pineapple, the festival circuit, new music and more…

L’ART: Congratulations on the release of your new EP. How did the new project come to be titled, Pineapple?

J Fresh: Thanks very much – exciting times! When working on a project I literally have to give it a name – so I know what I’m referring to. It can be called anything that’s in my eyeline! I was eating a pot of pineapple chunks, finished building the last record for the EP as a whole and just went “Let’s call it Pineapple EP” – not a very exciting story I’m afraid!

L’ART: The visuals for the new single ‘Change’ is out now, featuring the UK’s, Blay. What was it about this single that led to it being the EP’s first release?

J Fresh: That was a really tough call you know. I genuinely love all the records – the guys are sick and they were all a pleasure to work with. I work with people who I rate, who have the hunger and a key objective for me is that more people become aware of dope artists like Strive, Blay and Don Jaga. The feedback the EP as a whole got and the reception all three records received, meant it seemed logical for ‘#Change’ to be the one to get the visual and the one to get the push as the lead track.

L’ART: Having completed many interviews yourself with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign and Kano included, how do you feel when on the other side of the interview process?

J Fresh: At first it was a bit strange. All DJ’s and Broadcasters are control freaks [if they tell you otherwise they are lying] so to not be in control of an interview was a new experience for me. After one or two it just seems natural, it’s something I really enjoy. I love meeting new people, and theres been so much positive energy and kind words about the project that it’s a blessing that people want to interview me and take the time to research and ask decent questions – no two interviews are the same which keeps it fresh [pun intended!].

L’ART: Who have been some of your favourite people to interview to date and why?

J Fresh: Getting to sit down one-on-one with an artist who you rate and to get a true insight into the world and how they operate is a blessing. Each interview is truly unique and throws up interesting situations – its hard to pick “who’ was the best?” I tend to look at timing – for example I interviewed Tinie Tempah three days before ‘Pass Out’ charted. From our chat then, to where he is now, and what he continues to achieve is so, so sick – and inspirational to see!

Kano was a guy I had been trying to get hold of for a proper, proper interview for a long time. To chop it up with him 10 years on from the legendary, Home Sweet Home, and on the cusp of huge success with, Made In The Manor, was dope – everything seemed to come full circle. The fact that I still had the running order sheet from the final date from his debut tour [in 2005 – I opened the show for him] really, really surprised him! When someone so legendary and pivotal to this music that we love recognises your depth, it’s humbling.

L’ART: Talk us through your opportunity to tour Europe playing at some of the biggest festivals last year. Can we expect to see you on the festival circuit this year?

J Fresh: My DJ diary is varied and exciting, taking me all over the UK with guest bookings. As summer creeps us – that’s always an exciting time – we touch the festivals both here and abroad and hit Islands like Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Corfu etc.

Production wise away from the EP, I’ve wrapped up a few remixes that will be dropping over the next month or two, as well as plenty of free uploads ready for the club circuit via my Soundcloud [https://soundcloud.com/j-fresh-official]. As mentioned, I’m constantly in the studio creating and reaching out to the right artists who I think we would make some dope music together – so expect plenty more fully original material from me too.

L’ART: Being a DJ and broadcaster, no doubt you come in touch with new music all the time. Who are you listening to at the moment?

J Fresh: There’s so much out right now it’s a madness! Albums from Stormzy, Giggs I’m battering, I’m also listening to some records from Tink, Airklipz, Koder, Lady Ice, Mist, Kojo Funds, Yxng Bane and a few more. I always throw in some classics as well – at the moment listening back to some Wu Tang Clan as well. Music is life!

You can catch DJ Fresh at:

March 8th Bournemouth – Myu

March 9th London – Westside Radio Takoever

March 10th Bournemouth – Cameo

March 13th Bournemouth- The Lost Paradise Bar

March 15th Bournemouth – Myu

March 17th Bournemouth – Cameo

March 18th Newcastle – Bonbar

March 22nd Bournemouth – Cameo

March 23rd Portsmouth – Liquid + Envy

March 24th Bournemouth – Bomo Bunker

March 27th Bournemouth – The Lost Paradise Bar

March 29th Bournemouth – Cameo

March 31st Banbury – Moo Moo

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